Having worked with the team at ZDCA on a couple of projects, I know that I can rely on their ability to deliver technically and manage to expectations while maintaining a high level of professionalism and always finding ways to help move the work forward in a positive direction.


Executive Creative Director, Havas Worldwide

I am thrilled with the new website that we have thanks to Zack, Kate, and the rest of their associates. The visual style and graphic flare stand above most of what you see online, and this is matched by their technical skills. I am satisfied that my webpage is welcoming, informative, and dynamic thanks to their professional team. I have more than a website, I now have a tool to bring in new clients. I am very thankful for ZDCA’s patience and their diligence in getting the project done. Well done.


Owner / Instructor, Bikram Yoga In The Mission

The cover art and packaging from Zack Darling Creative Associates has made all the difference for our record label in making a positive and long-lasting impression on our audience.


Co-Founder, Sequoia Records

Working with Zack Darling Creative Associates have given our marketing a huge boost with their professional creative designs. We’ve gotten great feedback from both our customers and business associates about our promotional artwork. It has been a pleasure to work with the whole team at Zack Darling Creative Associates.


Owners, GeoPlanter

During my years with Sonoma County Department of Health Services, we worked closely with Zack on a number of design and social marketing campaigns. His ideas were innovative and effective. The pieces that Zack designed were especially engaging as he made effort to completely understand our goals. His staff was always professional and easy to work with.

Lydia Guel

Health Information Specialist, Sonoma County Department of Health Services

In 2013 when we needed a design and development firm to re-imagine our global energy management console, we hired ZDCA. This is our flagship client-facing application and it needed to be intuitive, appealing and highly functional. Not only did the ZDCA team exceed our expectations, but they have made themselves a vital part of our ongoing development team.

Jason Hooper

Senior Director, Global Operations, SunEdison

In all the craziness of the launch I did not get to to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you. I have been in the position before where design goes over on hours and the firm just walks away and leaves me hanging. Your flexibility and quick turn around really made this job come together at the end and I appreciated it.

April Damron

Owner, Damron Marketing

The new navigation and shop page is really working well for us. Biggest sales day on the website this year!

Ted Meister

Marketing Manager, MindShift Gear

It’s been a pleasure working with ZDCA. Their whole team helped me take an idea to a reality. From naming the company, logo design, branding, website design, copy ready ads, they did it all. The creative professionals Zack Darling has surrounded himself with are a team that you can depend on. Thank you for everything you’ve done for Garden ProPak.

Michael Williams

President, Garden Pro Pak

Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to create such an amazing new website! It is so rich with content, so easy to maneuver through, so visually striking.

Sometimes when migrating from version release of site to the next, one gets the sense of a “minor upgrade” or “a few tweaks” or “a refresh.” This is a significantly new site. In particular, I am amazed by how dense with content and yet intuitive the new product pages are. Not only do they do an amazing job of providing rich content (text, videos, etc.) for the product being discussed, they beautifully pull in other relevant products. This can only help us sell more deeply into the product line.

Thank you to Kate and everyone at ZDCA for helping us pull this off. And thank you to everyone at Think Tank who contributed their best. It shows!

Brian Erwin

ThinkTank Photo

I love our new labels! Working with your team has been a unique experience. You’ve completely re-branded us. Our customers really love our new designs. I’m used to talking about the ingredients in our products at trade shows. But now everyone is asking be about how the design came about, their connection to it and the balance with the new wheel-based symbols connecting to our product line. It’s been a pleasure working with you and we’ll be doing much more in the future.

John Piccirili

Founder, Cutting Edge Solutions

We were twelve days out from a printing deadline when we brought a half-done publication to ZDCA for emergency triage. Their team flew into motion and worked with us to create a beautiful magazine that stunningly presents the magic of contemporary mosaics. This was especially important as this edition was also a memorial to our founder, Bill Buckingham. Zack, Kate and crew were professional, personal, and committed to our success. Who could ask for more?


Editor / Publisher, Mosaic Art NOW

With our old website we were getting three to four new customer inquiries a month. Since we hired ZDCA to re-design it for us, we’ve been averaging three to four new customer inquiries a day!


Owner, Advanced Auto Group

ZDCA’s Creativity is only matched by their execution. It makes for a great partnership.


CEO, Harmony Festival

ZDCA has been a top notch addition to our web production! Very efficient & thorough. Big smile!


Venue Manager, HopMonk Tavern

My new website is functioning wonderfully and I’m very happy with the style. We are getting more and more traffic since the launch of the site. It’s a very professional and engaging website.


Founder, Algae Competition

I have know Zack Darling personally and professionally for several years. During that time Zack has always handled himself with the utmost integrity and professionalism. We are currently engaged with ZDCA on a marketing campaign and we are very happy with the results. Zack Darling in my opinion is a top caliber executive and individual.

Brad Baker

President and CEO, Codding Investments / Sonoma Mountain Village

Thanks to you and the team, I think you guys killed it.

Ira RosenBlum

The Hall at MP

Everyone I know who has seen the video so far raves about it. You should be very proud of what you’ve created! This video is the result of fantastic technical skills, and great creative instincts!

Sam Keller

VP of Business Development, AspenAir

Thank you again for all you are doing. I am very pleased with the product and am even more excited about the upcoming launch!

Maben Rainwater

Owner, Rural Water Resources

I did not think finding a web design company would be as difficult as it turned out to be. After several non-call backs and extremely over budget quotes, I began to get discouraged. I then remembered that a company named something like Zack Darling had a good reputation in my old town of Santa Rosa. I looked them up and encountered nothing but good reviews. From the first phone call to the final site launch, they have been nothing but responsive and helpful. They were right on budget (I think we got a smoking deal for the quality they delivered) and were a pleasure to work with. We developed a well laid out plan and meticulously completed every step. I am glad we did. The finished result included everything we had hoped for and more. The new site was responsive, professional and contained all the latest bells and whistles. As a former web designer myself I know how hard it is to choreograph all the various pieces of a site. ZDCA has specialists in all aspects of site design and they seamlessly created a top of the line site.

I could not recommend this company enough! The people that make up ZDCA are extremely competent and are wonderful to work with. We are definitely going to continue to work with them into the foreseeable future.

Jim Eagan

Plant Success

You rock. Wish we were not off to another project, and would still be working with you more often!

Kim Wertz

Kanna Sutra

Hey team~
This looks fabulous. Laurel~ I just REALLY want to thank you for taking the time today to get the bag situation worked out. I am so grateful that you did that with us. It really shows that your team cares about us. THANK YOU!! and THANK YOU Josh!!! For the excellent work on cleaning everything up!! And RANDY~ You are fabulous as well~ thanks for communicating and helping to get things done. And Zack~ For taking the time to make our design work when it was crunch time. Seriously guys… So grateful. Glad to be on this journey with you all. Big hugs.

Karen and Drew

FloraCal Farms

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