ZDCA's Collaboration Success Profiled by Shopify


How 6 Partners Found Growth in Collaboration at Unite 2016


Shopify’s Unite 2017 conference is swiftly approaching and in a recent article, and as our agency discovered last year, the Unite conference is a terrific place to meet potentially new colleagues to join your team. Shopify wrote about the fortunate and successful collaborations that six of their Shopify Partners created during Unite 2016, and ZDCA was one of the Partners profiled in the article!

We exchanged defining information about our appearance so we could find each other easily — he noted he was wearing a purple v-neck t-shirt, at which point I looked up from my computer to the set of bleachers lining the sides of the auditorium, and basically looked right at him.

Kate Schneider, Co-Founder of ZDCA Design & Development

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